Outlining Your Business Ambitions

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How do you outline your business ambitions for the next 12 - 18 months?

You will be asked to outline your business ambitions in the coming 12 - 18 months in your entry.

There are lots of different approaches to this question, and knowing how to answer it will not only boost your chances of awards success, but also drive the business to bigger and better things and help you discuss your plans in an award submission.

Here’s a few tips on areas you can focus on when planning ahead:

Building new partnerships

Is the way you work changing? Then this is an ambitious plan to share with the world. Partnerships and collaborations form the blueprint for a renewed energy around hospitality and tourism, opening up opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

As with all areas of your submission, be honest and engaging as you outline the benefits of your new venture or collaboration.

Reduce business expenses

Perhaps you’ve noticed areas where you can cut down on unnecessary costs within the company. Reducing expenditure without negatively impacting the company is always a net positive, and shows you are thinking of new ways to futureproof the business.

Generating more custom

Still winning back customers you lost during the pandemic? How are you tempting them back. There are lots of reasons why people were unable or unwilling to engage with the industry since the Covid but what are the reasons you’ve identified for your business?

The answer will be slightly different for everyone – and knowing it will allow you to find a solution. Communicate your plans to bring people back through the doors, or to tempt a new customer segment to engage with your business. Be imaginative, but realistic. After all, with every answer, you will need to provide clear evidence of your future planning.

Undergoing refurbishment

Following such a challenging few years with fewer customers, it’s possible your venue needs a little TLC. This could be the perfect way to help encourage more custom in the months ahead, allowing you to redesign and rework existing spaces to give them a lift.

Whether opting for straightforward maintenance or adding new spaces, this will also give you something new and exciting to talk about with prospective customers.

Launching new products or services

Got an exciting new product to launch? This is yet another wonderful way to revitalise your business in the months ahead. Be sure you can discuss it with confidence and outline why the product is so crucial to your business.

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